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Ithratholam Jayam Thanna (ഇത്രത്തോളം ജയം തന്ന)

Last updated on June 29th, 2022 at 08:14 pm

ഇത്രത്തോളം ജയം തന്ന | Ithratholam Jayam Thanna | Christian Devotional Song | Kester Hits

Songwriter/Translator/Composer Wilson Chennanattil

Gm                                  F
Ithratholam jayam thanna daivathinu sthothram
Ithuvare karuthiya rekshakanu sthothram
Cm                  Bb
Iniyum krupa thonni karutheedane
F                Gm
Iniyum nadathane thiruhitham pol

Gm              Eb                   F
Ninnathalla nam Daivam namme nirthiyatham
Dm           F                     Gm
Nediyathalla Daivam ellam thannathalle
Bb                  Cm
Nadathiya vidhangal orthidumpol
F                 Gm
Nandiyode nadhanu sthuthi paadidam

Ithratholam jayam thanna...

Sadhyathakalo asthamichu poyappol
Sodharangalo akannangu mariyappol
Sneham thannu veendedutha yeshu nadhan
Sakalathilum jayam thannuvallo

Ithratholam jayam thanna...
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