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Enikkai Marichavane (എനിക്കായ് മരിച്ചവനെ)

Enikkai Marichavane (feat. Lordson Antony)

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Jomon Philip Kadampanad

F         Bb
  Enikkai marichavane
F            Bb
  Maranatthe jayichavane
Dm         Bb        C
  Ennum jeevikkunnavane
     Gm  Dm  C  Am
     Gm  Dm  C
       Gm  Dm  C

    F              Bb
Nin krupakale njan paadidum
    Dm            Bb
Nin snehathe njan vaazhthidum
        F             Bb
Cheytha nanmakal njan orthidum

Am        Dm
  Ella naamathinum meethe
Bb        C
  Uyarnna Naamamithu
Am           Dm
  Doothanmar raappakal innu
Bb           C
  Vazhthunna naamamithu
Gm        C
  Ella naavum paadidum
A7                Dm
  Muzham kaalum madangidume
Eb          Bb        C  
  Sarvathin yogyan neeye

Nin krupakale njan...

Albhutha manthriyavan
Veeranam daivamavan
Nithya pithavumavan
Samaadhaanatthin prabhu
Aaradhippan yogyan
Aasrayippan yogyan
Sarvathin yogyan Neeye

Nin krupakale njan...
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