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Prarthanayil Nal Nerame (പ്രാർത്ഥനയിൽ നൽനേരമേ)

Songwriter/Composer/Translator William B. Bradbury
Malayalam version of Sweet Hour of Prayer

    D            G
Prarthanayil nal nerame
  D           A
Loka chinthakalakatti
 D          G
  D             A7      D
Pitha munnil kelpiikkum nee

 D            G    D
Apal dukha kaalangalil
  D        G    D        A7
Aashwaasam kandathum aathmam
   D    D7     G
Peekkaniyil veezhanjathum
  D          A       D
Inpa sakhi ninnal thane

Prarthanayil nal nerame
Kaathidunna-thmaave vazhthan
Nithyam kaathirippon munpil
Ethikkum ennaagraham nee

Apal dukha kaalangalil...

Than mukham thedi vachanam
Vishwasippaan than chonnathaal
Thannil muttum aashrayichu
Nine kaappan nal nerame

Apal dukha kaalangalil...
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