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Yeshu Aarilum Unnathanamen (യേശു ആരിലും ഉന്നതനാമെൻ)

Yeshu Aarilum Unnathanam | M E Cherian | Kester | Christian Devotional Songs Malayalam

Songwriter/Composer/Translator M E Cherian

D             Bm     D
Yeshu aarilum unnathanamen
                A  D
Aathma saghamavane
              Bm    D
Thay marakkam enkilumenne
                A  D
Marakka snehithane

D   A                D
Eavarumenne kai vedinjidukil
      A              D
Yeshu thaanen arikil kaanum
D               Bm      D
Eathu khedhavum theerum njan
                       A  D
Thiru maarvil chaaridumbol

Yeshu aarilum unnathanamen...

Enne thedy vinnagaram vittu
Mannil vannavanam
Ente paapa shapamakattan
Jeevan thannavanam
Enthinum ha than thiru sneha
Paasha bandhamazhikkuvan kazhiya
Ennumennum njan ini avanilum
Avan ini ennilumam

Yeshu aarilum unnathanamen...

Maanasame charuka dhinavum
Ee dhivya snehiathanil
Dhyanam cheyyuka than thiru sneha
Madhurima santhathavum
Eathu khedham varikilum pathara
Yeshu than nin aashreyam athinal
Anthyatholam poruthuka kurishin
Uthamanam bhadanay 

Yeshu aarilum unnathanamen...
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