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Aashrayamayi Enikkeshu Mathram (ആശ്രമായ് എനിക്കേശു മാത്രം)
Aasrayameyinikk Yesumathram..:-: Aasrayam :-: Heartbeats :-: Christian #devotionalsongs :-: cFormats

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Bhakthavalsalan

E               A        F#m
Aashrayamayi enikkeshu mathram
B7                   E
Aayathenikku enthoru aanandame
Shashwatha vishramam praapikume
      B7             E
Njaan aashwasa dayakanil

        E         A
Enthoru aanandame santhoshame
F#         B7       E
Santhatham paadidum hallelujah

Paadukal jeevithathil varumbol
Paadi sthuthikuvan kripa arulka
Paadukaleturu nathan tharum

Shatruvin bheekara peedanagal
Shaktiyay jeevithe neridumbol
Thrikarathil namme vahicheedum thaan
Nithyamam shanthi tharum
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