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Daivam Karuthum Vazhikale Orthal

Last updated on July 6th, 2022 at 07:43 pm

           Fm               Eb
Daivam karuthum vazhikale orthal
        Bbm               Ab
Daivam orukkum nanmakal orthal
   Db      Eb        Fm
Nandhiyode paadidum njan
    Db     Eb           Fm
Innumennum pukazhthidum njan

       Fm              Eb
Aathma rekshaye nalkiyathorthal
Mruthyu shikshaye maattiyathorthal
       Db    Eb        Fm 
Sathya sakshiyaayidum njan
       Db     Eb        Fm 
Sathya paatha kaattidum njan

Aathma shakthiye nalkiyathorthal
Khora shathruve thakarthathum orthal
Shakthiyode paadidum njan
Modhamode aarthidum njan

Aathma santhosham eakiyathorthal
Alavatta than kaarunyam orthal
Nruthathode paadidum njan
Ella naalum khoshikkum njan
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