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Ente Pranasakhi Yeshuve (എന്‍റെ പ്രാണ സഖി യേശുവേ)

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Ente Pranasakhi Yesuve
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     A               D
Ente pranasakhi Yeshuve
     Em               D
Ente ullathin aanandhame
     F#m                  Em
Enne Nin marvinkal cherppanai
     D         Bm        D
Vannitha ippol Nin paadhathil

    D       Em      A         D
Arulka, Arulka njan prarthikumpol
      F#m               Em
Karthave ee Ninte dhasarku-
      D        A         D
Divya hithathe Nee kaattuka

Ninne snehikunna makkalku
Ullatham ella padhavikalum
Adiyanum thiricharivan-
Appane budhiye theliyika

Ente aayusinte naalellam
Nee poya vazhiye pokuvan
Aasayodeshuve enne njan
Jeeva-beliyayi nalkunne
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