Sthothra Gaanangal Paadi (സ്തോത്ര ഗാനങ്ങൾ പാടി)

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Sthothra Ganangal Padi........
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E              G#m       C#m        E
Sthothra gaanangal paadi pukazhthidume
          B              E
Ella naalilum en jeevithathil

E           A                      E
Ninte dhaya en pranane kaathu kondathal
         C#m                 E
Ente adharam ninne keerthikkume
           G#m         C#m         E
Ente jeeva kaalamellam puthu gaananthal
           B                 E
Athulya naamathe sthuthichidume

Sthothra gaanangal paadi...

Ninte naamamalloyennum ente ashrayam
Ninnil maathram njan ennum aanandhikkum
NInnilallo nithya jeeva urava
Jeeva vazhiyum nee mathramallo

Sthothra gaanangal paadi...

Ninte valam kai enne thangi nadathum
Ente kaalukal thellum idaridathe
Ente gamanathe nee susthiramakki
Ninte vazhiyil njan nadakkuvanay

Sthothra gaanangal paadi...
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