Kalvariyil Kanum Sneham

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D                G
Kalvariyil kanum sneham albhutham
A                   D
Varnnyamallaho athente navinal

D                                  A
Papathil ninnenne veendedutha snehame
Pavana ninam chorinja krusin snehame
G                      D
En manam kavarnna nin athulya snehame
A                       D
Mattamilla daivasneham ethra albhutham

Mruthewvinte bendhanam thakartha snehame
Shathruvinte sakthiye jaicha snehame
Marthyaril maranabheethi neekum snehame
Mattamilla daiva sneham ethra albhutham
Nagnathayo apatho van peedanangalo
Kristhuvinte snehathil ninnu verpirichida
Mattamilla daiva-sneham ethra albhutham

Neengipokum parvathangal kunnukaliva
Maridum prepanjavum dhanam mahimayum
Marthya-sneham maridum kshenathil-enkilum
Mattamilla daiva-sneham ethra albhutham

Vanamekhe sworpure kareri poyavan
Innumennum kudeulla nalla snehithan
Enne vegam aanaikum sworga grehathil
Mattamilla daivasneham ethra albhutham
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