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Njan Kanum Munpe Enne Kandavane (ഞാൻ കാണും മുൻപേ എന്നെ കണ്ടവനെ)
Njan kanum munpe enne kandavane- Lyrics Video Ft. Lordson Antony-This is my Love story-Jobi Tom

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Jobi Tom

G            C     Em7           D
  Njan kanum munpe     enne kandavane
G              C     Em7          D
  Njan kelkkum munpe     en per vilichavane
Bm              C          Em7           D
  Njan thirayum munpe enne     thiranjeduthavane
G             C     Am7         G
  Njan ariyum munpe     enne snehichavane

     G          C               G
Yeshuve nin karamenne menanjathinal
Njan yogyanayi
     G          C              G
Yeshuve nin ninamenne kazhukiyathal
Njan manyanayi
    G     C        D       Em
Nee mathrame ennum aaradhyanayi
    G     D       Am7           D    G
Nee mathrame ella pukazhchakkum yogyanayi

C                      Em           D
  Gunamilla kattolivil    salphalam kaayicheedan
    G    C      D        Em
Murivettuvo nee   nallolive
    G    D     Am    D
Murivettuvo en kanthane
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