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Njan Ennum Sthuthikum (ഞാനെന്നും സ്തുതിക്കും)

Last updated on July 3rd, 2022 at 03:32 pm

Njanennum Sthuthikkum | ME Cherian | Evergreen Malayalam Christian Songs |Traditional Christian Song

Songwriter/Translator/Composer M E Cherian

Njan ennum sthuthikum en
Parane thiru manu suthane
                 Am     G
Aananda ganangal padi pukazhthi
Njan ennum sthuthikum

Em                   B
Papathin shapathil ninnum-ente
Em      C        Am
Pranane kathavanennum
                  Am       G
Paril thannanpinu thulymillonnum

Njan ennum sthuthikum...

Nalkiyaven rakshadanam-thannil
Kandu jan daiveka njanam
Than pada sevayathennabhimanam

Njan ennum sthuthikum...

Aayiram navikalalum-pathi
Nayiram vakulakalalum
Ha divya sneha mavrnyamaralum

Njan ennum sthuthikum...

Nityatha thannil jannetthum-thante
Sthuthy padangal jan muthum
Bhakthiyilanenda kanner jan vezthum

Njan ennum sthuthikum...
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