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Paadum Njan Parameshanu Sathatham (പാടും ഞാൻ പരമേശനു സതതം)

Paadum njan parameshanu sathatham | പാടും ഞാൻ പരമേശനു സതതം | Malayalam Christian Devotional Song

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Traditional

F                     C       F
Paadum njan parameshanu sathatham
Ente paapamellam pokkiyathal
                     C       Bb   F
Paadum njan parameshanu sathatham

F                    Am                      
Athrayumallashirvadhamokkeyum labhichiduvan
Gm                        C
Aarthy poondu kaathirunna kaalamathinkal
Gm                        C
Aarthiye theerthavae njan aarthu khoshiduvanai
F          Gm           Am         Bb
Aarthy arinjavan thante vaarthayenikkekiyathaal

Aarkkumekan sadhyamallathathma shakthy labhamakan
Parthipan munnarthiyode kaathirunnu njan
Paarthavan en dhurithangal orthavan en prarthanakal
Theerthavan en dhurithangl vaagdhathin aaviyaale

Kaathirikkunnavane njan kandiduvaanente kankal
Kothichidunnadhikamaay kuthukamode
Kaalamere chellum munpe kaahala nadham kelkkan
Kaathukalum kothikkunne kaarunya vaaridhe Deva
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