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En Daivathaal Kazhiyathathaye (എൻ ദൈവത്താൽ കഴിയാത്തതായെ)

Last updated on May 31st, 2022 at 08:31 pm

En Daivathal Kazhiyathathu | Cover | J V Peter Song | Christian worship songs

Songwriter/Translator/Composer J V Peter

   Db     Ebm        Fm
En daiva--thaal kazhiyathathaye
Bbm    Ab
     Db   Ebm   Ab
Than naamathal  saadhyame
Gb      Db
Ellaam ellaam

Bbm                Fm       
Vallabhan chollil ellaamaakum 
Gb           Ab
Illa verilla naamaam
Bbm                Fm
Van mathil polulla dukhavum
Gb                 Ab
Than karathaal neengeedum
Ebm              Ab
Neerinte vazhiye nadannaal
Gb                  Ab
Nanmkal dinavum nalkume
    Db            Ebm
Vishvasthan neethimaan
Ab          A  B    Db
  Sarvathin na----yakan

En Yeshuvin naamathaal
Van rogangal ethuundu illa illa

Vachanam nalakidum viduthal
yachana kelkunnathal
Vichanamaam marubhumi yathrayil
Ajanayyanay kude varum
Veezathe thangeedum karathal
Thazathe uyarthidum karuthaye
Vishvasthan neethiman
Senyathin nayakan

En daivathaal kazhiyathathu...
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