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Kalvari Krooshil Kaanum (കാൽവരി ക്രൂശിൽ കാണും)

Kalvary Kroosil Kanum Snehathin Poornatha

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Ammukutty George

  Kalvari krooshil kaanum
  Snehathin purnatha
G                        Em         D
  Shatruvaam enne daivam mithramaakiye
  Rakthavum chinti yeshu
  Enne rakshippanay
G                     D         G
  Ee sneha swarupanen alma snehithan

    C           Am  D
Dukathil aaswasamay
    G    Bm           D
Rogathil    en saukhyamai
G                       D
Khora vipathukalil enne than
Shashwatha bhujangalal
D        G
                    D         G
Ee sneha swarupanen alma snehithan

Kristhuvin snehamenne
Enne thanne veruthen krusheduthu njan
Nindayum chumannupom
Palayathin purath
Ee sneha swarupanen alma snehithan

Than punarudhanathin
Sakthi njan dharikuvan
Thante maranathodange-ki bhavikuvan
Kristhuvin kshadangalil
Ee sneha swarupanen alma snehithan

Orikalum orikalum njan
Kaividukilla ninne
Bhayappedathe njan nin koodeyullathal
Theeyil koode nadannal
Nee venthu pokumo
Peru vellangalkunnu ninne mukuvan kazhiyumo

Munpadayay pinpadayay
Agni meghathunukal
Sanyagalin adhipan kudeyullathal
Yudham yahovakulla-
Thennorthu kolluka
Than sneha kodikkeezil aarthukhoshika
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