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Enneshu Nadhane Ennasha Neeye (എന്നേശു നാഥനെ എന്നാശ നീയേ)

Songwriter/Translator/Composer Kottayam Joy

D                       Bm
Enneshu Nadhane ennasha neeye
D       Em      A       D
Ennalum mannil nee mathiye

D                     A
Aarum sahayam illathe paaril
G        Em       A        D
Paaram nirashayil neerum neram
                  Em        F#m
Kai thangalekuvan kannuneer thudappan
A                       D           
Karthave neeyallatharumilla

Enneshu Nadhane...

Uttavar sneham attu poyalum
Eattam priyar vittu maariyalum
Maattamillatha mithram nee mathram
Maatarumilla prana priya

Enneshu Nadhane...

Nin mugham neril ennu njan kaanum
En manam aashayal kaathidunnu
Nee varathente kannuneer ellam
Thorukayilla jeeva Nadha

Enneshu Nadhane...
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