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Enne Anbhodu Snehippan (എന്നെ അൻപോടു സ്നേഹിപ്പാൻ)

Enne anpodu snehippan | Leena Babu | Anil Adoor || Malayalam christian devotional song

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Anil Adoor
Hindi version: Mujhse Itni Mohabbat (मुझसे इतनी मोहब्बत)

Am                Em
Enne anbhodu snehippan
D                  Am
Enthanu ennil kandathu
Chettil kidannatham enne
   D                   Am
Aa ponkaram neetti pidichu

F                  Em
Ithramel snehicheduvan
D                    Am
Yogyathaa ennil kanduvo
F                 Em
Ithramel Manicheduvan
D                    Am
Yogyathaa ennil Kanduvo

Am                Em
Thooyyare Thooyya Aviyee
F        G
Vattatha Uravaye
F        G
Thenilum Madhurame

Enne Anbhodu snehippan...

Am                Em
Ennil nal dhaanam ekidaan 
Am                    Em
Ennil van krupakale nikshepippaan
       C                E
Thikki thirakkil ninnum enikkay maathram
C                E                  Am
Irunnaruli pinne niravekiyathum yesuve

Enne nithyamaay snehichu
Aa thejassaal muttum nirachu
Thandinmel shobhicheedunna
Kathunna vilakkaayum

Irulil nal velicham pole
Maattunna thejomayane
Neethiyin thejassalenne
Adhikamaay nilanirtheedum

Thooyyare Thooyya Aviyee
Vattatha Uravaye
Thenilum Madhurame
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