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Israyelin Rajave (ഇസ്രായേലിന്‍ രാജാവേ)

ഇസ്രായേലിൻ രാജാവേ-Israyelin rajave-Issac William-Malayalam christian songs-Tamil songs 2020

Songwriter/Translator/Composer Issac William

Dm    Gm      F
Israyelin rajave
      Dm        A
En Daivamam Yehove
C         Gm       F
Njan Ange vazhthidunnu
Bb      C      Dm
Namakal orthidunnu

Dm  C  Dm 
Gm  C  F
Dm    Bb      Dm
Nanni nanni nadha
 Bb       C      F
Alavilla snehathinaai
Dm    Gm      Dm
Nanni nanni nadha
 Bb       C      F
Alavilla snehathinaai

Thirukaram enne thangi
Vann prathikoolangalil
Munpottu yathra Cheivaan
Belamennun nalkiyathaal


Pakaikyunnavar munpilum
thaliyavar madhyathiyil
Mesha Orukki enne
Maanicha  Snehame


Enthu njan pakaram nalkum
Aayiram paattukallo
Jeevakaalam muzhuvanum
Rekshaye uyirthidume

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