Enne Karuthum Ennum Pularthum

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Db                  Gb
Enne karuthum Ennum pularthum
     Ab                   Db
Ente aavaashyangal ellam ariyum
Db                 Gb
Dhukha naalil kaividathe
       Ab       Ab7          Db
Thante chirakin maravil maraykkum

     Fm        Gb
Aasrayippan Enikennum
     Db            Ab
Sarvashakthan koodeyundu
     Bbm       Gb
Thalarathe marubhoovil
       Ebm   Ab         Db
Yathra cheyum prathyashayode

Anarthangal bhavikkayilla
Baadhayo enne thodukayilla
Paathakalil daivathinte
Doothanmar karangalil vahikkum

Raathriyilae Bhayatheyum
Pakalil parakkum asthratheyum
Irulathillae mahaamaari
Samharatheyum njan pedikilla
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