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Parishudhan Parishudhane

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Lyrics/Composition: Sam Padinjarekara, Denilo Dennis

E           B         C#m
Parishudhan Parishudhane
A         G#m          B
Mahathvam than naamathinu
A                     B
Vishudhiyil Bhayankaranee
A          B          E
Vanangunnu thiru sannidhee

A             G#m    C#m
Aaradhikkunnu angaye maathram
A                B
kumpidunnu thiru paadhapeede
A           G#m        C#m    G#m
Uyartheedum njan thiru naamam akhilam
E      B          E
nee maathram yeshuvee

E            G#m7      A           B
En karthavin mahathvam aarkku varnikkam
E             G#m7     A      B      E
En karathavin thejasse aarkku dhershikkam

E                  A              G#m
Ninakku Thulyanayi nee mathrameshuve
F#m     G#m     A             E
nee mathram nee maathram yeshuvee
E                  A              G#m
Ninakku Thulyanayi nee mathrameshuve
B        A        E
nee maathram yeshuvee

En karthavin snehathe arkallanidam
En karthavin kripakal arkallanidam

Ninakku Thulyanayi...

Aaradhikkunnu angaye...

Parishudhan Parishudhane...

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