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Njanum Ente Kudumbavum (ഞാനും എന്റെ കുടുംബവും)

Njanum Ente Kudumbavum | Kester | Ninan Punnaveli | Christian Devotional Songs Malayalam

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Ninan Punnaveli

Em          C      D
Njanum ente kudumbavum
        Bm       Em
Njangal Yehovaye sevikkum

E            G
Aayushkaalam Akhilavum
Am          Bm
Aasrayikkan yogyan than
Am          G
Kottayum Prathyasayum
D            Em
Sailavum nal Saranavum

Njanum ente kudumbavum...

Kashtangalil nal thuna
Thushtiyekum vallabhan
Daiva makkalkkanisam sreshtam
Daanamekum thaathan than

Njanum ente kudumbavum...

Vazhi nadathum paalakan
Agni thoonayi megha sthambhamayi
Maruvil jayamayi kaathavan 

Njanum ente kudumbavum...
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