Manna Jaya Jaya

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Manna jaya jaya manna jaya jaya
F#m     A            D   E   A
Manuvelane - mahesha maharajane
E       D   E   A 
Mahesha maharajane (2)

Ennu nee vannnidum ente manavala
Ninne-kandu njan ente aasha therkkuvan
Njanente aasha therkuvan

Ponnu manavala nandanam rajan
Enneyum cherthidumpol-en bhagyam
Aanathamanalpam en bhagyam- aanathamanalpam

Thadu thade uyarnnidum nodi nerathinullin
Thante vishudarellam madhyakashathil chernniedum
Madhyakashathil chernniedum

Kahala naadavum doothaganangalum
Kodi radhathangalumai vannidum
Priya rakshkan vannidum priya rakshaken

Kannuneerododi karanju vilapikum
Kanthaye chertthidumpol en bhagyam
Aanathamanalpam en bhagyam- aanathamanalpam

Hallelujah padi Hallelujah padi
Aanathichidum priyante marvil njanennum
Priyante marvel njanennum 
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