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Sthuthi Cheymaname Nithyavum (സ്തുതി ചെയ് മനമേ നിത്യവും)

Sthuthi Chey Maname | All time best Malayalam Christian Song | Lyrical Video

Songwriter/Composer/Translator M E Cherian

        G          Em
Sthuthi cheymaname nithyavum
    Am          D   G
Nin jeevanaathhanesuve
    Bm            Em
Ithupol svajeevan thannoraathma
D           C
Snehithan veraarini

Ghoranaam pisaachine
Maranaththinaale neekki mruthyu
Bheethi theertha naathhane

Vaanilavan vaazhkayaal
Balaheenathayil kaividaathe 

Dinavum maname thathsamayam 
Vankrupakal praapippaan
Athidhairyamaay krupaasanaththin
Anthikaththil chen nee

Bahudootharuchcha naadamode 
Vaazhththidu naathhane
Balavum dhanavum jnjaanamellaam 
Sveekaripparaan yogyane
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