Ezhu Vilakin Naduvil (ഏഴ് വിളക്കിൻ നടുവിൽ)

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ഏഴുവിളക്കിൻ നടുവിൽ | Ezhuvilakkin Naduvil | RSV | Wilson Piravom | Malayalam Christian Worship Songs


Gm           Cm      Dm          Gm
Ezhu vilakin naduvil shobhapoornanai
Gm               Cm      Dm       Gm
Marathu ponnkachayaninju kanuneshuve

Bb      Gm    Bb      Cm          F
Adyanum anthyanum nee matram yeshuve
Bb            Gm       Bb   Cm
Sthuthikalkum pukazhchakkum yogyan
     F  D

Gm F    Gm
Gm F    Gm

Ninte roopavum bhavavum ennilaakatte
Ninte athma shaktiyum
Ennil kavinjeedatte

Aadyanum anthyanum...

Ente ishtangalonnume vendenneshuve
Ninte hithathin niravil
Njan prashobhikatte

Aadyanum anthyanum...
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