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Oru Mazhayum Thorathirunnittilla (ഒരു മഴയും തോരാതിരുന്നിട്ടില്ല)

Oru Mazhayum Thorathirunitilla | ഒരു മഴയും തോരാതിരുന്നിട്ടില്ല | Tirzah Shajan | Rev. Sajan P Mathew

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Rev Sajan P Mathew

F                 Bb         C
Oru mazhayum thorathirunnittilla
F          C     F
Oru kattum adangathirunnittilla
F               C
Oru ravum pularathirunnittilla
          Bb    F
Oru novum kurayathirunnittilla
         Bb     Eb        F
Thiramalayil ee cheruthoniyil
         Bb     Eb        F
Thiramalayil ee cheruthoniyil
        Bb      C       F
Amarathennarike avanullathaal

F                        Bb
Manjum mazhayum pollunna veyilum
       C               F
Ellaam nathante sammanamaa
Bb                Gm         Am
En jeevithathinnu nannaayi varanaayi
Gm        C        Bb       F
En perkku thaathan orukkunnathaa

Kallum mullum kollunna vazhiyil
Ennodukoode nadakkunnavan
En paadamidari njaan veenupoyaal
Enne tholil vahikkunnavan
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