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Shantha Thuramugham Aduthu (ശാന്ത തുറമുഖം അടുത്തു)

Shantha Thuramugham Aduthu | Malayalam Christian song | Kester

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Wilson Chennanattil

G                    C      Am
Shaantha thuramugham aduthu
     D              G
Ente kandhanodettam aduthu
Em          Am      D
Adhikamilla adhikamilla
Am     D       G
Yathra adhikamilla

G             C
Kodum kaattum thiramaalayum
Am         D        G
Padakileri adichidumpol
C            Am
Krushil noki yaathra cheyum
D                  G
Shaashvatha veetil ethuvolam

Shaantha thuramugham...

Swantha janam kaaivittalum
Bandhukalo maariyalum
Yeshu enne kaividilla
Kleshangalil thangidu than

Shaantha thuramugham...
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