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Khuda Ka Beta Hoon (खुदा का बेटा हूँ )

Khuda Ka Beta Hoon | Nations of Worship ft. Prince Mulla

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Jonathan Helser, Joel Case, Brian Johnson, Ps Nooruddin Mulla
Hindi/Urdu version of No Longer Slaves

       F            Am
Numaya mai hua teri raag se
        Bb       C    F
Ghera mujhe naye geet se
Rihai di mujhe dushman se mere 
      Bb      C   F
Saare darr mere mite

       Bb         C     F
Ab mai khauf ka gulam nahi
       Dm    C    F
Mai khuda ka beta hoon

         F            Am
Maa ki reham se mujhe chun liya
        Bb    C    F
Pyaar pukaara mera naam
Naya janm hua, kumbe main tere
       Bb       C    F
Tera lahu ragho mein mere

Ab mai khauf ka gulam...

Dm        C           F
  Azaad kiya gaya hai
Bb  Bbm C   F
  Hame    gulami se
oh oh oh
Dm         C            F  Bb
  Hum bete betiyaan hai

Dm    C        F         Bb
  Aao Ham apni aazadi gaayen

Dm         C
  Samundar cheera taaki
F           Bb
Ussi se mai guzru
Dm           C           F
  Kaamil kar dar ko dubo diya
Dm        C           F           Am
  Chudaya mujhe taaki ye ailaan karun
    Bb       C    F
Mai khuda ka beta hoon

    Bb       C    F
Mai khuda ka beta hoon
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