Vazhthidunnu Vazhthidunnu

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Vazhthidunnu Vazhthidunnu Vazhthidunnu njan

Gm                        Eb           Gm
Vazhthidunnu vazhthidunnu vazhthidunnu njan
   Eb         F         Gm
En rekshakane nanniyode vazhthidunnu njan

Mattin thozhuthil piranna mannya suthane
Heena vesham edutha ninne vazhthidunnu njan

Veshathil manushynai kanapettone
Manushya jenmam eduth nine vazhthidunu njan

Pathakarkai neethivazhi othi thannone
Paridathil ninne orthu vazhthidunnu njan

Gathasamane sishyarumai prarthichavane
Rekthavum viyarthavane vazhthidunnu njan

Kurisheduthu malamukalil nadannu poyone
Thrippadham randum chumbichippol vazhthidunnu njan

Kurishileri marichuyarthu sworge poyone
Nithyam jeevikunnavane vazhthidunnu njan

Dhutharumai mekhavahane varunnone
Vegam ninne kanmathinai kathidunnu njan

Ennu mekhe vannu kanum rekshakane njan
Nokki nokki kathidunne nin varavinai

Nin varavin munnaniyi ninnidane njan
Vazhthi vazhthi ninnidume nin varavil njan
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