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Aaradhikumpol Viduthal (ആരാധിക്കുമ്പോൾ വിടുതൽ)
ARADHIKUMBOL VIDUTHAL malayalm christian song with lyrics

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Unknown

D             Bm
Aaradhikumpol viduthal
A             D
Aaradhikumpol saukhyam
Deham dehi athmavil
Samadhana santhosham
A                     D
Daanamai naathan nalkidum

Prarthikkam athmavil
Aaradhikam karthane
G                 A
Nallvan avan vallabhan
Em       A          D
Viduthal ennum prapikam

Maduthu pokathe prarthikam
Viswaasathode prarthikam
Neethimante prarthana
Sradayulla prarthana
Bhalikum rogiku saukyamai

Yachippin ennal labhikkum
Annweshippin kandethum
Muttuvin thurakum
Sworgathin kalavara
Prapikam ethrayo nanmakal
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