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Madhuramam Vachanam (മധുരമാം വചനം)

# New Christian Devotional Song. 2021. മധുരമാം വചനം.

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Pr Rijo Thomas

Dm                                Gm
Daivathinte vachanam, raksha vachanam
Jeevante vachanam, en hrithil vellicham

Dm                               Bb
Annuminnumella naalum madhuramam vachanam
Gm                                 Dm
Lakshyam nalki nadathuvanuthakunna vachanam
F                         Bb        Dm
Paapam pokki vishudharayi panithoru vachanam
C                    Am        Dm
Nithyajeevanullileki urappicha vachanam

Daivathinte vachanam...

Balaheenanakumbol shaktinalkum vachanam
Manasonnu vedanichal dhairyam nalkum vachanam
Aathmeeya porkalathil vaalupol vachanam
Saathanodu padavettan moorchayerum vachanam

Daivathinte vachanam...

Rogangalkku saukhyamekan purappedum vachanam
Aantharika aanandathin moolahethu vachanam
Ennikayi ellam ulavakkidunna vachanam
Srishtihethuvayidunna shaktiyulla vachanam

Daivathinte vachanam...
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