Dinavum Yeshuvinte Koode (ദിനവും യേശുവിന്‍റെ കൂടെ)

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Dhinavum Yesuvinte Koode | Franco | Rajesh Elappara | ദിനവും യേശുവിന്‍റെ കൂടെ | Worship Song

Lyrics/Composition: Rajesh Daniel Elappara

Em                 Am
Dinavum yeshuvinte koode
D                  G     B
Dinavum yeshuvinte chare
Em               D
Piriyan kazhiyillenikku
Bm              Em
Priyane enneshu nadha

Am       C       B
  Snehikune Yeshuve

Em        Am
Ange pirinjum
C         D
Ange marrannum
G          Bm         Em
Njan onnum chaika illalo
Em       Am
Ange allade
C         D
Onnum neduvaan
G      Bm      Em
Illalo ee dharayil

Snehikune snehikune...

Dinavum yeshuvinte koode...

Veronninalum njan
Ente dhaaham ninnil thaaneyam
Jeevan nalkeedum
Jeevante appam nee
Daaham theerkkum jeevanadhiye

Snehikune snehikune...

Dinavum yeshuvinte koode...
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