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Yeshuvodu Chernirippathethra Modhame (യേശുവോടു ചെർന്നിരിപ്പതെത്ര മോദമേ)

Last updated on February 20th, 2021 at 05:39 pm

Eb                                Bb
Yeshuvodu chernirippathethra modhame
Yeshuvinnai jeevikkunnathetra bhaagyame
            Cm          Fm          Eb
Aasha thannodennumennil vardhicheedunne
Bb           Gm             Ab          Eb
Aashu thante koode vaazhaan kamshicheedunne

Pokkiyente paapamellaam thante yaagathal
Neekkiyente shaapamellam thaan vahichathal
Orkumdhorum snehamennil vardhicheedunne
Parkunne than koode vaazhaan ennu saadhyamo

Sreshtamerum naattilente vaasamaakkuvaan
Shobhayerum veedenikkorukkidunnavan
Kaikalal theerkkaatha nithyapaarppidam thannil
Vaanidunna nalinai njaan nokkipparkunne 
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