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Ente Yeshuve (എന്‍റെ യേശുവേ)


Songwriter/Composer/Translator Boby Thomas

Ab  Eb     Fm     Db
Ha--lle... Hallelujah
Ab  Eb     Fm     Db
Ha--lle... Hallelujah
Ab  Eb     Bbm    Db
Ha--lle... Hallelujah
Gb     Ab

     Ab           Eb
Ente Yeshuve ente Karthane
Db              Eb
Neeyennum en ohari
     Ab           Eb
Ente Yeshuve Ente Dhaivame
   Db            Eb
Neeyennumen Upanidhi

       Ab              Cm
Neeyen viswasam neeyen prathyasha
Db                 Eb
Nin krupa enikku mathi
       Ab               Cm
Ninnil aashwasam ninnil santhosham
      Db               Eb
Nin karuthal enikkyu mathi
Bbm     Eb          E    Ab
Aaradhyanam Yeshu Nadha
       Bbm      Eb           Db    Ab
Hallelujah paadidum ennennum njan

Angen aayussil cheytha nanmagal
Orkkumbol ullam nireyum
Enne nadathiya vazhigal athorkkumbol
Nandhiyal njan paadidum

Neeyen viswasam neeyen...

Enne kaakkuvaan enne karuthuvaan
Neeyennum shakthanallo
En jeevitha vazhikal athennennum
Ninnullam kayyilallo

Neeyen viswasam neeyen...

Ende aayussin ella naalkalil
Nin sthuthikal njanettu paadum
Ennum njanum ennude kudumbavum
Nin naamam vaazhthippadum

Neeyen viswasam neeyen...
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