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Vazhthiduka Sthuthi Charthiduka (വാഴ്ത്തിടുക സ്തുതിച്ചാർത്തിടുക)

Vazhthiduka sthuthicharthiduka (feat. Immanuel Henry)

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Unknown

G                  C
Vazhthiduka sthuthicharthiduka
Am           D        G
Avante namam uyarthiduka

G              C
Pachapul medukalil dhinavum
Am                D      G
  Palippathorthal engane nam
Em      Am     G        C
  Palakanesuve marannirikum
G           Am    D       G
  Than daya onnai goshichidam

Iesanamulan adichuyarnnu
Padaku thakarnnennu thonniyappol
Nodiyil jayam thanna rekshakante
Palanam orthu nam sthuthichiduka

Innenne bharathal jerangiyappol
Onnum bhayapedendannura cheyithille
Kakkayal bhakthane pottiya nathante
Snehathe orthu nam sthuthichiduka

Kashtathin kottayil akapettapol
Appuram kadannidan pazhuthillathe
Akathum purathum peedanam vannappol
Rekshicha nathane sthuthichiduka
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