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Unarumee Aathmathaapam (ഉണരുമീ ആത്മതാപം)
Athma Thapam

Songwriter/Composer/Translator P K Gopi, Fr Michael Panachickal, Tomin J Thachankary

Unarumee aathmathaapam
Ariyumen divya nadha
         Eb             Gm
Urukumee    manasil nee
         Bb            Cm
Pakarane aashaa naalam

Cm           Eb
  Jadikamaam moham pole
Cm          Eb
  Poyi njan shaapam vaangi
Cm           Eb
  Thakarumee papikkange
Cm         Eb
  Karunaye thedaanullu
  Daasanai karuthane
Gm          Cm
  Varikayai njan pithaave
Eb        Bb
Snehameki dhaanameki
Gm           F
Eb           Bb
Shaanthiyeki saukhyameki
Gm          F   Gm  Cm
Nithya jeevanai


Varike njan dhoorathange
Mizhikalil veezhumbozhe
Anupama snehathode
Kaikalaal aasleshichu
Thanayanaay nalki nee
Thirikeyaa daiva raajyam
Bhodhyameki shakthiyeki
Swanthamaakki nee
Rakshayeki mokshameki
Dhanyanaakki nee

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