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Nirupama Snehamathin Pon Prabhayil (നിരുപമസ്നേഹമതിൻ പൊൻപ്രഭയിൽ)
Nirupama snehamathin - Malayalam Christian Song - FIBA 2020 - Canada Music Team

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Unknown

B                    E   B
Nirupama snehamathin pon prabhayil
                      E  B  
Niswartha snehamathil purnnathayil
           F#     E  B
Kandu njan orikal kalvariyil
            F#                  B
Krushitante rupam yeshuvinte sneham

B                E      B
Yeshuvil onnakam sneham nukaram
                   E      B
Sodara hridayathil sneham pakaram
           F#     E  B
Aakasathin keezil aa namam
              F#    E  B
Athanu reksha namam ee bhuvil
           F#                B
Yeshu enna namam rekshayekidunnu
           F#                B
Nitya jeevanekum namamettu padam

Anupama eethikalal vaztham parane
Anupadama vaziyil cheram dinavum
Anantha sneham nalkum aa hridayam
Nidatha sneham pakarum aa vachanam
Onnuchernnu padam divya sangerthanam
Mannithilarthu paadam madhura sangerthanam
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