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Praakkale Pol Naam Parannidume

Prakkalepol Naam - Kester

G                 Em
Prakkale pol naam parannidume
Am              G
Pranapriyan varavil
G            C                 Em
Prethyasayerunne ponmukham kanuvan
Am              G
Pranapriyan varunnu

Kastangalellam theernnidume
Kandhanam yeshu varumpol
Kathirunnidam alma belam dharikam

Yuthangal kshamangaleridumpol
Kahalam dwonikum vanil manavalan varum
Visudhiyodorungi nilkam

Ie loka klesangaleridumpol
Nithya sandhosham ha ethrayo shreshtam
Nithyamayangu vanidum

Veendedukappetta nam paadidum
Mruthuve jayamevide
Yuga yugamai nam priyan kudennum
Thejassil vasam cheythidum 
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