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Enne Nithyathayodaduppikkunna (എന്നെ നിത്യതയോടടുപ്പിക്കുന്ന)

Last updated on April 17th, 2021 at 09:33 pm

Enne Nithyathayodu | KS Chithra | Dr Blesson Memana | Malayalam Christian Songs | Worship Songs

Songwriter/Translator/Composer Dr Blesson Memana

Enne nithyathayodaduppikkunna
     C                Dm
Ella anubhavangalkkum nandi
Enne nalla sishyanakkidunna
     C                   Dm
Ella kurisukalkkum Nadha nandi 
Ella tholvikalkkum Nadha nandi
      Gm                   Dm
Ninte mugham kaanuvan athu nimithamayi
     Dm                  C
Ella kannuneerinum Nadha nandi
      Gm               Dm  Bb Dm 
Ninte saanidhyamariyan ida-ya-yi 

Thazhvarayil mullukalil
Gm          C
Shodhanayil choolayathil
Gm       C
Ponnu pole
Dm           C
Uyarchayilum thazhchayilum 
Dm           C
Maranathilum jeevanilum
F   C           Dm
Nin sanidhyam mathy
      F   C           Dm
Nadha nin sanidhyam mathy
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