Enne Nithyathayodaduppikkunna

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     Dm          Gm
Enne nithyathayodaduppikkunna
     C                         Dm
Ella anubhavangalkkum nandi
     Dm                  Gm
Enne nalla sishyanakkidunna
     C                            Dm
Ella kurisukalkkum Nadha nandi 
A    Dm                         C
Ella tholvikalkkum Nadha nadi
      Bb                   A          Dm
Ninte mugham kaanuvan athu nimithamayi
     Dm                            C
Ella kannuneerinum Nadha nandi
      Bb               Dm   Bb  Dm 
Ninte saanidhyamariyan ida..ya..yi 

Dm             A                Dm            C
Thazhvarayil mullukalil panineerppoopol
Dm            A                 F         C
Shodhanayil choolayathil ponnu pole
Dm             C
Uyarchayilum thazhchayilum 
Dm             C
Maranathilum jeevanilum
F   Dm          C        Dm
Nin sanidhyam mathy
      F   Dm        C     Dm
Nadha nin sanidhyam mathy
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