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Yeshuvinte Rekthathal (യേശുവിന്റെ രക്തത്താൽ)

Last updated on May 1st, 2022 at 05:18 am

Yeshuvinte Rakthathal - Malayalam Christian Song

Songwriter/Translator/Composer Unknown

Yeshuvinte rekthathal veendedukkappettatham
             Am      D        G
Thante priya jename unarnneeduka
       Bm     Am           D        G
Thante velaye thikachu nam orungeeduka

G                C           G
Kalamere illallo kahalam nam ketteedan
            Am  D         G
Kandhan vararai namum pokarai

Yeshuvinte namathil viduthal namukunde
Sathanode-thirthidam daivajename
Ini tholvi-illa jayam namuk-avakasame

Alma belathale nam kottakal thakarthidam
Rogam dhukam maridum yeshu namathil
Ini shokamilla jayam namuk-avakasame

Sapangal thakarnnidum Yeshuvinte namathil
Bhuthangal vittodidum yeshu namathil
Ini sokamilla jayam namuk-avakasame 
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