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Ellam Nanmakkayi

Fm    Bbm     Fm
Ellam nanmakkayi
       Bbm     Eb       Fm
Swarga thathan cheythidunnu
                Db      Eb
Nirnayamam vili kettavarkkum
          Bbm     C7     Fm
Daivathin sneham arinjavarkkum

Ellam nanmakkayi...

Fm      Ab  Fm        Bbm
Bharangalum preyasangalum
Eb     Bbm      Db       Fm
Rogangalum ella dhukhangalum
        Db   Bbm      Eb
Ente thathan thannidumbol
Db    Eb  Cm      Fm
Enne avan snehikkunnu

Ellam nanmakkayi...

Prethikoolangal eariyennal
Aukoolamayi Yeshuvundu
Patharukilla thalarukilla
Swarga seeyonil ethidum njan

Ellam nanmakkayi...
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സത്യവേദപുസ്തകം - Malayalam Bible
पवित्र बाइबिल - Hindi Bible

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