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Swargiya Shilpi Ko (स्वर्गीय शिल्पी को)

Swargiya Shilpi Ko(Cover)||Hindi translation of - Swargiya Shilpiye || PRAISY K JOHN

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Sharun Varghese, Alexander Thomas
Hindi translation of Malayalam song Swargeeya Shilpiye (സ്വർഗീയ ശില്പിയെ)

  Swargiya shilpi ko
  Rubaroo dekhunga
  Dukh rahit desh may
  Jab jaaoonga

Eb                 Gm            Fm
Nashman shareer ko tejomay banayega
     Cm         Ab       Eb
Mere dukh saare mit jayenge

  Andhon ko aankhen
  Gungo ko boli
  Behre sunenge
  Langade chalenge

Nashman shareer ko...

Asha ke nagar may
Shobha bhare ghar may
Mahimamay yeeshu ke
Chehre ko dekhunga

Nashman shareer ko...
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