Daivathin Sneham Ha Ethra Shreshtam

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G         C      Am             G
Daivathin sneham ha ethra shreshtam
         Am D                  G
Aayathin aazham aarku varnnikaam
         C     Am            G
Jeevitha klesa bharangal madhye
          Am D            G
Nin chare ethum sneha karam

G                            C
Marubhuvil vaadi thalarnnidumpol
Am                       G
Chethanayattu pathichidumpol
             C     Am             G
Puthu jeevan nalki puthu shakthiyeki
       Am  D              G
Aakasa madhye uyarthum sneham

Uttavar nindhichu thallidumpol
Shiksha vidhichu resichidumpol
Pettamma pole kaikal pidichu
Marvodanakum Krussin sneham
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