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Daivam Thannathallathonnum (ദൈവം തന്നതല്ലാതൊന്നും)

Daivam Thannathallathonnum | Christian Devotional Songs Malayalam | Hits Of Chithra Arun

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Rajesh Athikayam, Joji Johns

Dm              Gm  C
Daivam thannathalla-thonnum
Illa ente jeevithathil
            Gm     C    G
Daivathinte sneham pole
Mattonnilla paaridathil
        G      C
Innolam Daivamenne
Kaathathorthu pokukil
      Gm             C
Ethra kaalam jeevichennalum
Nandi eaki theerumo?

Daivam thannathallathonnum...

            F           Am
Mezhu thiri naalam theliyumpol
       G            F     Am
Nee en aathmavil prakaashamaay
Irulala moodum hrudayathil
      G             F      Am
ninte thiruvachanam deepthiyaay
           Bb       F
kaalvarikkunnen manassil
Kaanunninnu njaan
             Bb       F
kroosithante sneha roopam
Orthu paadum njaan
G               Am       F
Oh ente deivame pranante gehame
Gm     C         Dm
Ninnil marayatte njan

Daivam thannathallathonnum...

Ente sankadathil panku cherum
Daivam aaswasam pakarnneedum
Ennil santhoshathin velayekum
Ennumennum nanma eakidum
Pizhavukalettu chonnaal kshama arulum
Thiru hrudayam enikkaay thurannu tharum
Oh ente Daivame jeevante maargame
ninnodu cheratte njaan

Daivam thannathallathonnum...
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