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Nee Ente Rakshakan Nee Ente Paalakan (നീയെന്‍റെ രക്ഷകന്‍ നീയെന്‍റെ പാലകന്‍)

Photo by Thirdman from Pexels
Nee Ente Rakshakan | നീയെന്‍റെ രക്ഷകന്‍ നീയെന്‍റെ പാലകന്‍ | Susan Joseph|Sabu Louis | Super Hit Song

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Susan Joseph Mammoodu, Achappa

D        Bm        A        F#m
Nee ente rakshakan nee ente paalakan
D        Em      D
Nee enik abhaya sthanam
D        A       C      Bm
Neeridum velayil neeyenikkekidum
G        A      D
Nanmayin neerurava

D                   F#m
Nee njangalkkekidum nanmakal orthennum
Em                      D
Paadidum sthuthy geethangal
D      Bm       A        F#m
Aakula nerathum aanandha gaanangal
D          Em     D
Paadi njan aaswasikkum
D        A       C      Bm
Neeridum velayil neeyenikkekidum
G        A      D
Nanmayin neerurava

Karthavil eppozhum sathoshicharkkuvin
Sthothra yaagam kazhippin
Avan sithimatumpol
Yokobe goshikum yesrayel ananthicheedum
Neeridum velayil neeyenikkekidum
Nanmayin neerurava

Nee ente rakshakan...
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