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Yeshu Nallavan Enikku Yeshu Nallavan

A                     D          A
Yeshu nallavan enikku yeshu nallavan
Nalla rakshakan than naamam 
A               E
vazhthy paadum njan
A                                 F#m
Yeshu nallavan athe en Yeshu nallavan
E     D    A
Yeshu nallavan

Chenkadal pilarnnu than vazhi nadathidum
Adimayin nukam thakarthu veendeduthavan
Chirakukal vidarthy marvil kaathidunnavan
Yeshu nallavan

Munnilum pirakilum nadannu kaavalay
Meghamonnenikkumel virichu snehamay
Neenda marubhoovil ullam kayyil thangidum
Yeshu nallavan

Kshama kaalathenne kshemamode kaathidum
Pachappulthakidiyil kidathidunnavan
Vendathellam nithyameky pottidunnavan
Yeshu nallavan

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