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Irulerum Ee Vazhiyil (ഇരുളേറുമീ വഴിയിൽ)

Last updated on July 3rd, 2022 at 03:32 pm

Irulerumee Vazhiyil | Shweta Mohan | Babu Kodamvelil | Malayalam Christian Devotional Songs

Songwriter/Translator/Composer Babu Kodamvelil

Irulerum ee vazhiyil kanivode nee varane
         F            Gm
Oru deepamay theliyaname
C                    Am
Azhalerum ee maruvil alivode nee varane
F         C          Dm
Oru maari peytheedaname

Dm                      A         Dm
Vazhi thettiyoradukalam njangal nadha
C            Bb           A
Pizha cheythathorkkaruthe nee
Gm       F          Gm  F
Anuthapa hrudhayathodeyitha njangal
C                         Bb  Dm
Thiru munpil abhayam tharane

Irulerum ee vazhiyil...

Kurishin vazhiyariyathalayum njangal
Pizha cheythathorkkaruthe nee
Kadhanam nirayum manamodeyitha njangal
thiru munpil abhayam tharane

Irulerum ee vazhiyil...

Thiru sneham pakarathakalum njangal
Pizha cheythathorkkaruthe nee
Pidayum ida nenjakamodeyitha njangal
Thiru munpil abhayam tharane

Irulerum ee vazhiyil...
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