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Innayollum Enne Nadathi (ഇന്നയോളം എന്നെ നടത്തി)

Last updated on January 1st, 2023 at 05:44 am

Innayolam Enne Nadathi | Kester | Graham Varghese | Super Hit Christian Devotional Songs

Songwriter/Translator/Composer Graham Varghese

    D      G         D
Innayollum ennae nadathi
    D       G         Em
Innayollum ennae pularthi
      D      G         Bm
Entae yeshu ethra nallavan
     D        G        D
Avan ennennum madhiyayavan

      D     G       D
Entae Paapa bharam elaam
        D        G       Em
Thantae chumallil etu kondu
   D       G         Bm
Enikayi kurishil marichu
      D     G          D
Entae yeshu ethra nallavan

      D    G          D
Entae avishyankal arinju
    D            G           Em
Akaashathin killivadhil thurannu
      D            G      Bm
Elaam samridhiyayi nalkidunna
      D     G        D
Entae yeshu nalla idayan

     D    G         D   
Mano bharathaal alanju
     D      G         Em
Mano vedhanayaal niranju
      D            G           Bm
Manam urukee njaan karanjeeedumbol
      D     G         D
Entae yeshu ethra nalavan

     D        G          D
Roka shayayil enikku vydhyan
      D        G      Em
Shoka vellayil ashwasakan
      D           G          Bm     
Kodum veyil adhil thannelum avan
      D     G         D
Entae yeshu ethra valabhan

    D       G        D
Oru naallum kayi vidilla
    D       G        Em 
Oru naallum upekshikilla
    D       G        Bm
Oru naallum marakkukilla
      D     G            D
Entae yeshu ethra vishwasthen

      D     G       D
Entae yeshu vaneedumbol
      D       G            Em
Thiru maarvod annanjeedum njaan
     D         G       Bm
Poya pol thaan vegam varum
      D     G          D
Entae yeshu ethra nallavan 
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  1. Sudhir

    Praise the Lord. Great to use your site for the Glory of God. I am glad that you have the bookmark option now. Just wondering if it’s possible to save the transposed chords in our bookmarks and also can we add notes to a bookmarked song?

    • Admin

      Thanks for your comments. Good to know that you found the site useful. When you bookmark a song, its link gets added to your bookmarks list (which you can access in the sidepanel or from the top menu). So you can quickly find the song when you want to use it later. You can transpose easily the chords on the page the song is displayed. Sorry, you cannot add notes right now. But I will look into it. It is a great suggestion.

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