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Prathiphalam Thanneeduvaan (പ്രതിഫലം തന്നീടുവാൻ)

Prathiphalam Thanneeduvan | ME Cherian | Evergreen Malayalam Christian Devotional Songs

Songwriter/Composer/Translator M E Cherian

Prathiphalam thanneeduvaan
Yesu Rajan vanneeduvan
Athikamillinium naalukalnammude
F#m      A          D    
Aathikal theernneeduvaan      

Daiveeka bhavanamathil
     Bm              D  
Puthuveedukal orukkiavan
      G      Em         F#m       D
Varum meghamathil namme chertheeduvaan
    Em        A        D
Naduvaanathil dhoodharumai     

Thanthiru naamathinnai
Mannil nindakal sahichavare
Thirusannidhou cherthu than kaikaklaal
Avarude kannuneer thudacheeduvaan 

Prathiphalam thanneeduvaan...

Swantha janathinellam
Pala peeddakal chaithavare 
Vannu bandhitharakki adhaarmmikalam 
Avarkantham varutheeduvaan
Ini mannilum daivahitham 
Paripoornami daiveekarajya mipparilum 

Prathiphalam thanneeduvaan...

Kaalamellaam kazhiyum
Innu kaanmathellaam azhiyum      
Pinne puduyugamm viriyum thirike varaathe naam 
Nithyathayil marayum

Prathiphalam thanneeduvaan...      
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