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Nin Thiru Sannidhiyil (നിൻ തിരു സന്നിധിയിൽ)

Last updated on July 3rd, 2022 at 03:07 pm

Nin Thiru Sannidiyil Njan innu kumbidunnu....

Songwriter/Translator/Composer Unknown
Hindi version of this song: Teri Huzoori Mai Hum (तेरी हुज़ूरी में हम)

F                 Bb
Nin Thiru Sannidhiyil
Dm               C
Njan Innu Kumbidunnu
F       Bb       Gm      Bb
En Kriyayalalla, Nin Deyayal Mathram
Dm        C      F
Njan Innu Kumbidunnu

Yeshu Rajavinu Sthuthi
Rajavinu Sthothram
F                 C7
Unnathangalil Sthuthi
Srishttikal Vazhthatte
Sudhar Vanangatte
F      C7       F
Unnathanam Yeshuve

Yeshu Rajavinu...

Van Paba Bharamellam
Nin Kripayal Nikkiyallo
Ninnithanamente Shapangal Nee Neekki
Nin Makanakkiyallo

Yeshu Rajavinu...

Van Thumba Nerathilum
Enne Piriyukilla
Enne Nadathunnon Ennennum Koodullon
Nin Sneham Agadame

Yeshu Rajavinu...
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