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Sthuthiyum Aaradhanayum Karthavinayi (സ്തുതിയും ആരാധനയും കർത്താവിനായി)

STUTI ARADHNA UPER JATI HAI - स्तुति आराधना ऊपर जाती है

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Unknown
Malayalam version of Stuti Aradhana Upar Jati Hai (स्तुति आराधना ऊपर जाती है)

E                       A
Sthuthiyum aaradhanayum karthavinayi
F#m                   E
En shakthiyum balavum daivathinayi
Ekunnu njanitha purnnamayi
F#m                 E
Niraykuka aathmavin puthubalathal

     B          G#m  E
Hallelu... hallelu...jah
     B          G#m  E
Hallelu... hallelu...jah

Thazchayilenne orthallo
Vedanayilenne thangiyello
Swargarajye ethuvolam
Paril ninakai padeedum

Hallelu... hallelujah
Hallelu... hallelujah

Unaruka aathmavin balam dharichu
Swargarajye poyiduvan
Dhutharodathangu aaradhippan
Kalam iniyumerayilla

Hallelu... hallelujah
Hallelu... hallelujah
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