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Njaanonnu Karayumbol (ഞാനൊന്നു കരയുമ്പോൾ)

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Nathanel Mon

  Njaanonnu karayumbol
Bbm     Db
  Koode karayunna
  Njaanonnu Thalarumbol
Bbm     Db
  Koode Anayunna
        Abm       Db     Gb  Db
Nalloru snehithan Yeshuvallo
        Abm       Db     Gb
Nalloru rakshakan Yeshuvallo

  Aarum kaanathe
Bbm     Ebm
  Aarum kelkkathe
Abm        Db              Gb
  Divasangalolam vilapichu Njaan
Gb     Abm
  Ende kanneer
Db      Gb
  Yeshu arinju
Ente karachil
Db      Gb
  Yeshu kettu
Db         Abm
  Ozhugiya kannuneer
B         Gb
Avan thudachu

Njanonnu karayumbol...

Ammathan kunjine
Marakkaan kaliyumo
Athine kaalum
Sneham tharaan
Avane pole snehithanilla 
Avane pole snehithanilla
Anthyam vareyum sneham tharaan
Anthyam vareyum sneham tharaan

Njanonnu karayumbol...
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